Our Idea

The tradition

Created by chocolatiers with over 120 years of experience, Parvella infuses premium chocolate qualities with premium Kosher adherence.


Parvella is a new, smooth and creamy high quality Italian chocolate spread that was designed with the Kosher laws and health in mind. Parvella inspires every taste bud.

It is MILK FREE (Parve), GLUTEN FREE, EGG FREE, PEANUT FREE, and most importantly PALM OIL FREE. Parvella is also certified as a vegan friendly product.

The sweet flavors you will experience, will have you coming back for more!

Parvella comes in four delicious chocolate flavors:

Intense Hazelnut, Hazelnuts and Vanilla, For coffee lovers, Smooth Orange.

Parvella can be used for baking, dessert decorating, spreading on toast or any other way that your imagination will inspire you.

And inspired you will be!!


  • Best in Show

    Kosher Fest 2016

  • New Product Winner

    Kosher Fest 2016